Monday, 16 May 2011


Hi all
Well yesterday I spent my time finising off lots of my work to go onto my etsy shop in the land of the www!!!
I was so pleased that it wasn't raining outside so I could take my photos as I've found them to be better taken outside.
Today I load them all up and what, I've only gone and deleted them all!! 
Not pleased, not pleased at all, so tomorrow I'll try again!!!
Anyone else having problems with their photo's or is it just me - lol


  1. That is such a bummer! Having to retake photos is the bane of my existence! LOL just kidding, it's not that bad, but nearly!

    Better luck next time Andrea!

  2. Your not alone!!! The weather has been bad here and way to windy to take any decent photo's. I hate having to take photo's as they never come out they way I see them in my Minds eye!!
    BTW I am now a follower of your Blog